Whats Yore favorite number of cupcakes?

sokmebody ; please get me a passport

and a abathtub

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its weird to remember things before they happen




List 3 new design goals for your site that have emerged based on what you’ve learned in this course.


  1. I wish to create a safe beautiful place for my family and myself, where all of our needs ( within reason, depending on scale) and most of our wants are provided by the land we reside on.
  2. I wish for all of my foods food, shelter, water, and most medicinal needs to also come off the land.
  3. I wish for our land to provide electricity and some vehicle fuel for us to use. I really like these technologies.



All the feed and water for all the animals ((goats sheeps rabbits fish? Dogs) come from the land

The only two exception here are are seawater and seaweed, due to not being on the ocean.


Most of my familys nutritaion Needs from the land, fruit veggies meats, dairy , eggs from the land

I would LOVE to beable to grow all the plants I desire for my alcohol consumption. I love beer , so need to figure out what kinds of wheat, barley, and hops will grow here.

I am ok with importing wants, such as fancy cheeses and alcohol



  • Keyline Scales of Landscape Permanence
  • based fundamentally on the natural topography of the land
  • great emphasis is placed on processes designed to increase substantially the fertility of soilsby the creation of a soil environment that rapidly accelerates soil biological activity, thus vastly increasing the total organic matter content within the soil.
  • lay-outs of farm and grazing lands also incorporate
    designs permitting the storage of run-off water on the
    farm itself.
  • Designed to be profitable
  • effectively eliminate
    soil erosion, even as a possibility

    • Climate
      • Difficult to change for the better fast
    • Landform
      • The main point is to use the land to control the flow of water
      • Nature is really good at this,
    • Water
      • Approximately fixed amount
      • Field capacity is defined as the
        measure of a soil ’s capacity to retain water for
        plant use. Retention is a critical factor so field
        capacity is usually considered as the volume of water retained
    • Road / Access
    • Trees
      • either land is cleared, or on cleared land trees are planted,
        to form both windbreaks and shaded areas for livestock.

        • Are you fucking kidding me?
      • Placement of Structure
      • Subdivision
        • how you divide the farm into management areas
        • where you might place fencing for the controlled rotation of animals.
      • Soil
        • This should be first
        • As Keyline developed it became
          obvious that rapid increases in soil fertility from the
          substantial increase in soil biological activity, could
          and should be an underlying fundamental of all farming endeavours.
        • The use of limited quantities of chemical
          fertilizers, such as lime or superphosphate, to stimulate
          the volume or mass of that initial crop is, unlike strict
          organic farming mandates, perfectly acceptable in Keyline
          development, but only in the 詮걊st year.NO
        • 聽Keyline concepts beginning
          in the early 1950s have consistently advocated the overstocking
          of con 铿乶ed grazing areas for short periods such
          as a few days, then moving the stock animals onto a new
          area to produce a constantly decomposing mass of root matter.

          • This is fine, ONCE IN A WHILE. Its called mob grazing to clear the land (of unwated vegetaion) It can also be mown



What goals do you have for your design site that you would like to address with the Permaculture design project in this course?


My goals for my site are as follows:

We wish to eat like gods, forever. Me will not allow Hour slaves to be hungry or ssich. Wi desire to keep them up to their full potential all their working lives.

WE have already implement a basic retirement plan. This needs to be increased and organiaed so that each worker will be able to enjoy their old age as long as they live

No no, that’s knot site goals


The site is the land

My vision for the land is

For her to be health and productive. We will provide for eachother.

We wish for a home where all our needs are met.

I cannot actually say that I want to live completely off my land. I am too much of a glutton/ conesure. I want all of my familys food and medicine Needs to come off my land. Our wants can be provided for by the community.

We want to have time to play, we do not want to work or learn all the time. We want to brirng the land to its full growing potential, ullitizing every _________substance, product, thing,__________to its best use possible, with as little work as possible.



Diannas wholy book

Mai Seoul faints for Your salvation, but Ai hope in Yore Word

Unless Yore Law had been Mai d’light, Ai wood have then perished in Mai affliction

Ai am Yores, save Mi, fore Ai have sought Yore precepts

How sweet Yore words our two Mai taste, sweeter than honey two Mai mouth

Ai have inclined Mai heart two preform Yore statutes fore ever, two the very end

Yew hour Mai hyding place and Mai shield, Ai hope in Yore Word

Uphold Mi according two Yore Word and dew knot let Mi bee ashamed of Mai hope

Deal with Yore servant according two Yore mercy,and teach Mi your statutes

Ai am Yore servant; give Mi understanding that Ai may nogh Yore testimonies

Therefore Ai love Yore commandants more than gold, yes more than fine gold!

Therefore , all Yore precepts concerning all things Ai consider to be wright.


Use the science in your own life, or it will not work



god your words! Oh  How they please mine ears!

Cause its fun.

Why did the Serpent whisper in her ear?

for much the same reason I suppose.

I have all these things to say inside my brains, but putting pen to papper is so difficult somesomes.

No its not, make it more ergonomic. I need my own desk. I love you

I love you too

attraction. repulsion brain. body. heart. let me make love to you. accept my love in whatever way i can give it. I will make sure your glass is never empty

ply my talents, my art, upon you. let my place the works of my hands on your tongue let me work the strength of my hands over your spine, your ribs, the back of your neck


I would like to write like the way I love to read. Words can such a vast power for those who can wield them correctly and admirably. They can raise warriors and destroy dynasties and kingdoms. They can (and will, I’m sure) cause minds to shatter like cheap glass on a concret floor. words can also heal and cause to be healed.

Woo me with your words. d


I love words. i really like it when they don’t mean what they sound like. like ‘concessions’ Con sessions?  Words are provocative and thought provoking. I like words with ‘con’ and ‘tent’ in them; content, intent, conscript condemn control concept conseal

A Story!

Aloha Matties!

My name is One Eye’d Jack and this is the tale of how I became a Pyrat Lord.

I was born on a farm in the most beautiful place I have ever been, on an island in the middle of the great Pacific Ocean. We were a small family, just my mother, my brother and my three sisters. Ah the idyllic days of my youth! What a boring life! Little did anybody know to what heights we would rise! Although life sure was easy back then. We never wanted for anything. Sure, it was scary sometimes, the big noisy machines always wising by so fast, and the sly falling all the time.  Mom always said it was a garented trip to Heavn to get hit by one, but you could never come back. We we always to scared to try!  On the day before the turning of the sun the older roosters would play a game to see who was chosen to be the new leader of the flock. They would eat as much fermented guava as possible and then take turns crossing the road. Who ever could make the most trips across before sundown was the winner. My brother Miguel loved to go to the races! He wanted to be a leader ever since we came out of our eggs. Mother didn’t like that he always wanted to be with all the big roosters, but she didn’t want to be with out the protection of the flock (what little there was!) so she had to let Miguel go with them as part of the Bargain.

My mother had a very strange roll in our flock. As a small chick I could not understand why we were never invited to the feasts, or why there were no suitors hanging around like the other hens had. I knew that the Chief Cock was my uncle, but we were not like them. We always stayed apart from them, except for my bother. Whenever I wanted to play with the other boys the roosters would ways chase my away. And the girls! forget it. I never got close enough to the pullets to ever talk to them. When I asked my mother why I was not allowed to play with the others she would say, “Hush Jack, your very special and they are afraid of you.” How could they be afraid of me! I was just a chick! 

There was one very old rooster who would come around every now and then. When he came to visit, my sisters and I had to go gather food from the forest and the road for him. We always tried to get him flattened mongoose! When we brought the food back to Mother he would always gobble it all up and not leave any for us! Mother never complained though. She said we had to take care of Uncle Leroy. Somebody sure did! He was missing two toes, had a wing that was broke and never healed, permanently missing all his neck feathers and part of his beak. He was the ugliest rooster I have ever seen, even still! He did however, have the wickedest spurs! He kept them polished to a shine and he could cut though an avacado seed with them! they were so long he could clank them together when he walked.  None of the other roosters would ever come near him, and when he strutted by them they would sit and the ground and hide their head under their wings!! They would not even do that for the Chief Cock! 

After Uncle Leroy would eat all the food we would go to roost and he would tell us stories!! Our favorite stories were about DasCatto the Mongoose Slayer! DasCatto was well know for his feats of agility and bravery! He would sit in a tree and sing enchantments to call the mongoose out of hiding, and when they came, POW!!! He pounced on them!!! 

One special day Uncle Leroy came over and brought presents! For each of the girls he brought a ribbon to put in their feathers and for Mother he brought an entire guava! I was so impressed watching him carry it on his back! For Miguel he brought a stone to sharpen his spurs on. When I saw he had nothing left I didn’t know what to do! Did I upset him somehow! Was he afraid of my too?! I admired the others gifts, and helped the girls get the ribbons in but I had to leave. I went to look at my rock collection. As it was getting dark I head the tattle-tale click click click of Uncles spurs. Oh no!!! was he coming to yell at me? I quickly hid my head under my wing hopping he wouldn’t see me. But he was far to clever for that trick. He tapped me on the head.

“Don’t hide, you little runt! I do have something for you!”

I peaked my head out. “your not angry with me, Uncle?”

“No! I had to wait till your mother fell asleep, thats what the guava was for,” he said with his eyes gleeming.






well I lost motivation. more later. lets not forget, this is a first draft


heart hurts

I don’t know where our friendship went

Something very fragmentary


When the cat jumped ship her bowl hit the ground with an earth-shattering whisper. It actually started before the concert. There in the street. Ten bucks. Grateful circle at the Palace. The cracks had formed some months before, with the jester by the river when she banged her knee. She had dove right in and the coldness was so refreshing. She just didn’t figure it out, did not even think about the significance. It was like magic.

Mage Sage

And then so many more strange things happened. But we can only tell so much of the story at one. once