goods thing I dont have to have a title first

I don’t like labels, as a word or two does not encompass a whole thing.

Last week sucked so bad, but it was quite the learning experience.  Sometimes we dont use the proper words. Even I. Words are powerful. If you can truly say (write, sing, whatever) what you actually mean, others might understand you. Maybe.

I wonder what’s going to happen next? This has been my manta lately. It is true. I do indeed wonder what is going to happen next. Maybe wonder at. I like now too, i also like the anticipation.  An-tis-i-pation. Maddness takes it toll…..

it is difficult to live in the na`au

I love you. I like to express my love with feeding you. Some people just arn’t hungry. hmmmm…………….

I love you. I love the way you look. look at life. look at me. I love the way you move. Gracefully, forcefully, silently, horonably. I like the way you talk. to others, to me. When you talk to me you sometimes remember I hear things differently. All y’all are such a blessing. thank you for being.


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