heart hurts

I don’t know where our friendship went

Something very fragmentary


When the cat jumped ship her bowl hit the ground with an earth-shattering whisper. It actually started before the concert. There in the street. Ten bucks. Grateful circle at the Palace. The cracks had formed some months before, with the jester by the river when she banged her knee. She had dove right in and the coldness was so refreshing. She just didn’t figure it out, did not even think about the significance. It was like magic.

Mage Sage

And then so many more strange things happened. But we can only tell so much of the story at one. once


Strangeness and Charms.

All the world’s a stage; the men and women merely players.

I have a difficult time coming up with my own words. I used to be able to talk to myself, but most of the time cannot anymore. A few very very strange things have happened to me recently. I remember, I hear, and I see. What a long, strange trip its been. I have leaned so much. I was afraid, and am learning to overcome the fear. I have been told many strange things, by many strange people. I have a difficult time making up my mind.


I think that perhaps the Universe is telling me something. Well, actually I know this for sure.  e  i kk It was very very scary though. I apparently have (had? ) a VERY low tolerance to q The Human Condition


I might need to listen to more different music.

Something maybe funny happened to my brain. I remember it clearly. Almost. It had to do with some really cool cats, some Beloved teachers, leaders, followers; excellent Medicine,a Messenger on a tightrope, a Gloworm, a bunch of High Noble Warriors,a Rebellion or three,  quite a few Fires, Life and a Dragon. With a little dash of Humor thrown in for good measure. It was all very very VERY weird. (Yes, I admit it)  

There are two rules for success succeeding in this world. 1~ Never tell everything you know. 


The future is looking bright. 


Aloha Aku No