Strangeness and Charms.

All the world’s a stage; the men and women merely players.

I have a difficult time coming up with my own words. I used to be able to talk to myself, but most of the time cannot anymore. A few very very strange things have happened to me recently. I remember, I hear, and I see. What a long, strange trip its been. I have leaned so much. I was afraid, and am learning to overcome the fear. I have been told many strange things, by many strange people. I have a difficult time making up my mind.


I think that perhaps the Universe is telling me something. Well, actually I know this for sure.  e  i kk It was very very scary though. I apparently have (had? ) a VERY low tolerance to q The Human Condition


I might need to listen to more different music.

Something maybe funny happened to my brain. I remember it clearly. Almost. It had to do with some really cool cats, some Beloved teachers, leaders, followers; excellent Medicine,a Messenger on a tightrope, a Gloworm, a bunch of High Noble Warriors,a Rebellion or three,  quite a few Fires, Life and a Dragon. With a little dash of Humor thrown in for good measure. It was all very very VERY weird. (Yes, I admit it)  

There are two rules for success succeeding in this world. 1~ Never tell everything you know. 


The future is looking bright. 


Aloha Aku No


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