A Story!

Aloha Matties!

My name is One Eye’d Jack and this is the tale of how I became a Pyrat Lord.

I was born on a farm in the most beautiful place I have ever been, on an island in the middle of the great Pacific Ocean. We were a small family, just my mother, my brother and my three sisters. Ah the idyllic days of my youth! What a boring life! Little did anybody know to what heights we would rise! Although life sure was easy back then. We never wanted for anything. Sure, it was scary sometimes, the big noisy machines always wising by so fast, and the sly falling all the time.  Mom always said it was a garented trip to Heavn to get hit by one, but you could never come back. We we always to scared to try!  On the day before the turning of the sun the older roosters would play a game to see who was chosen to be the new leader of the flock. They would eat as much fermented guava as possible and then take turns crossing the road. Who ever could make the most trips across before sundown was the winner. My brother Miguel loved to go to the races! He wanted to be a leader ever since we came out of our eggs. Mother didn’t like that he always wanted to be with all the big roosters, but she didn’t want to be with out the protection of the flock (what little there was!) so she had to let Miguel go with them as part of the Bargain.

My mother had a very strange roll in our flock. As a small chick I could not understand why we were never invited to the feasts, or why there were no suitors hanging around like the other hens had. I knew that the Chief Cock was my uncle, but we were not like them. We always stayed apart from them, except for my bother. Whenever I wanted to play with the other boys the roosters would ways chase my away. And the girls! forget it. I never got close enough to the pullets to ever talk to them. When I asked my mother why I was not allowed to play with the others she would say, “Hush Jack, your very special and they are afraid of you.” How could they be afraid of me! I was just a chick! 

There was one very old rooster who would come around every now and then. When he came to visit, my sisters and I had to go gather food from the forest and the road for him. We always tried to get him flattened mongoose! When we brought the food back to Mother he would always gobble it all up and not leave any for us! Mother never complained though. She said we had to take care of Uncle Leroy. Somebody sure did! He was missing two toes, had a wing that was broke and never healed, permanently missing all his neck feathers and part of his beak. He was the ugliest rooster I have ever seen, even still! He did however, have the wickedest spurs! He kept them polished to a shine and he could cut though an avacado seed with them! they were so long he could clank them together when he walked.  None of the other roosters would ever come near him, and when he strutted by them they would sit and the ground and hide their head under their wings!! They would not even do that for the Chief Cock! 

After Uncle Leroy would eat all the food we would go to roost and he would tell us stories!! Our favorite stories were about DasCatto the Mongoose Slayer! DasCatto was well know for his feats of agility and bravery! He would sit in a tree and sing enchantments to call the mongoose out of hiding, and when they came, POW!!! He pounced on them!!! 

One special day Uncle Leroy came over and brought presents! For each of the girls he brought a ribbon to put in their feathers and for Mother he brought an entire guava! I was so impressed watching him carry it on his back! For Miguel he brought a stone to sharpen his spurs on. When I saw he had nothing left I didn’t know what to do! Did I upset him somehow! Was he afraid of my too?! I admired the others gifts, and helped the girls get the ribbons in but I had to leave. I went to look at my rock collection. As it was getting dark I head the tattle-tale click click click of Uncles spurs. Oh no!!! was he coming to yell at me? I quickly hid my head under my wing hopping he wouldn’t see me. But he was far to clever for that trick. He tapped me on the head.

“Don’t hide, you little runt! I do have something for you!”

I peaked my head out. “your not angry with me, Uncle?”

“No! I had to wait till your mother fell asleep, thats what the guava was for,” he said with his eyes gleeming.






well I lost motivation. more later. lets not forget, this is a first draft