What goals do you have for your design site that you would like to address with the Permaculture design project in this course?


My goals for my site are as follows:

We wish to eat like gods, forever. Me will not allow Hour slaves to be hungry or ssich. Wi desire to keep them up to their full potential all their working lives.

WE have already implement a basic retirement plan. This needs to be increased and organiaed so that each worker will be able to enjoy their old age as long as they live

No no, that’s knot site goals


The site is the land

My vision for the land is

For her to be health and productive. We will provide for eachother.

We wish for a home where all our needs are met.

I cannot actually say that I want to live completely off my land. I am too much of a glutton/ conesure. I want all of my familys food and medicine Needs to come off my land. Our wants can be provided for by the community.

We want to have time to play, we do not want to work or learn all the time. We want to brirng the land to its full growing potential, ullitizing every _________substance, product, thing,__________to its best use possible, with as little work as possible.




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