You should proofread your own writting

Dear Dianna, 

Why are you such a chicken?

Chicken means different things to different…cultures

allright, what are you so afraid of then?


I do have a minor fear that I will go even more insane, meaning that my mind will completely and permanently disconnect from reality.

Is that such a bad thing?

I like my reality,mostly. I love my beautiful, enchanted, sweet life!!!

I found out part of what he did to me, however, I’m not angry, mostly because it is funny, and impossible. Well, others might think it’s impossible, but Wi know better.

It is amusing, and there is a different mindset between animals and dogs. It does really explain a lot though.

I enjoy participating in others reality.

Iwant. Yes I dew. I have wants.


I herd a kitty roar  lastnight whyle I was teetering on the edges of reality

listening to

flirting with the ideas of forever indefinite infinite

choosing witch voice to listen too

amidst the clamor and lies of the fiends

WON spoke. to me. again.

How I desire that soothing

I cannot remember all He said


I would really like to be able to more clearly articulate my thoughts, etcetera.

I would also like to be able to function in public better. kinda

now i know I cannot hardly do so by myself

it would also be good to know the ratio of herb to people to beer in order to feel better

and to remember: DO NOT WORK TO MUCH!!

last night was frightening. kinda.

Now Wi know that when Hour brain is mean to Us, it is because Wi got overexposed. Overstymulated.

However, knowing that does not actually help in the moments, when Wi have ‘gone too far.’

It would be nice to go out and do things, and not have to suffer for it later. I don’t understand what ‘sets it off’ triggers it, whatever.

Maybe thats what I am afraid of. Pissing them off. The bully things inside my own head. They’re such jerks sometimes. They use the incorrect words and have a difficult time distinguishing between different ‘people’. They dont like it when to many people see Us, or if Wi work too hard. They are fine with lots of hard work. When it’s appropriate.

No, I am knot afraid, exacticly, I dont want to ‘hurt’ later. I try to keep them happy. I hurt them,they hurt me. They dont like it. I want them to stay happy. Isn’t there a compromise somewhere? Yes, duh. Lettus work on remembering this. !! After I left the Sanctuary I meat a very nice person who has beautiful things to say and things to teach. I am delighted to make his acquaintance. He is a Farmer Poet Vietnam Veteran. And he said, ‘be sure to tell Him I wasn’t rapping to you. I have cleared myself. ‘

Yesterday was just strange. And good. After the ONE Spoke, the scarrys went away with Ravyns help.

biological reaction

I was so cold! I am so very glad my Princess is willing to share her warmth with me.



점성가 아가씨는 내가 결혼 할 길조 날짜에서 찾고있다

Not September this year


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