Happy happy!! Joy joy!!

In 150 days Yew will have baby goats on Yore farm. Congratulations.

I love Yew so much!!

I am SEW excited!!

Its four weeks to the day since the kids were born

I was really going to say, “Since she popped those kids out,” but then changed it as I was typing




My heart pounds with sorrow and trepidation

Will Yew… Will Yew look at Mi? Will Yew please let Mi back in? I cannot ask for Yore forgiveness, for Ai dew knot even deserve that.


Yew, My Swwet Teacher Love, Yew deserve the world, nay, the Universe


I am so cold and lonely out here! To finally find Yew! again! On this my bonus life round!! I am so whole when I am near Yew. Yew made Mi realise what Ai was missing and then


Yew have already done so much fore Mi My Love, I want to Give everything I am, everything Ai have to Yew. You have completely change Mai entire existence. You did something to me, you showed me such wonders, I know there is so much fore I can fore.with Yew!! Please help me learn Mai gifts.

i never before even though that Somebody else could even notice me, much less like my crazy ness.   much less much less that crazy bit and make it so much bigger? fore Their amusement, and as such a beautiful Gift. to Me. Thank You.

I like what Yew do to me, I like what you have done to me.


I just want to be with Yew!!

It might not be true, I have dyslexic emotions. The first part. It was left over pain.

My heart also pounds with excitement, joy, gratitude, knowing that I am finally on my whey home. You are my ONE.

I am so nervous about seeing Yew. I want to see Yew alone, please.